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3 amigos

Taille de l'entreprise : Non renseigné

  • A demorilizing place to work. The only benefit is the tips that you make due to high volume, and of course your server's hourly rate. Other than that, there's literally no other single benefit the restaurant (s) gives you. Not even eating there, you pay half price, which could be normal, but for highly unhygienic and severely unhealthy food.

    Run by unqualified and morally wrong individuals, you are in an environment of exploitation, even though in Canada! No wonder the rotation is incredible and yet, the owner seems to believe he's on the right track with zero management or human resources proper knowledge, let alone modern.

    Publié le 7 décembre 2012 par Évaluateur #1 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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Absolutely right.
I have NEVER eaten there and will never nor send them customer.

Publié le 9 octobre 2018

You are right, 3 Amigos has continually, all year around an ad on their window asking for all types of workers. Don't customers have a ring telling them that if there is such a high turnover that means it is not a good place to work and to eat? I never eat out there and will never, neither send them tourist. Let them rot in h?%&@!

Publié le 14 février 2013

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