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  • tay away from this twisted company. Refrain from applying to them for a job they'll fill your head with lies, empty promises and tell you what they want you to hear to get you in the door. they will take advantage of your skills and abilities, when you are of no use to them anymore, they will terminate your employement like you are a bag of garbage like they did to me. I did nothing wrong I showed up to work ready, worked a honest nights work did my job very well and completed all my runs, even stayed later to help out other drivers who needed help. 2 days before the end of my prohibation they get rid of me for no reason. They escorted me out like I was a criminal and they were so cold towards me. 4refuel is a horrible company and they have no respect or appreciation for ones hard work and the way I view it is that they let me go because they know that I can do the job better than 85% of the clowns who work there and I had the skills and abilities to grow and they were jealous of my abilities to do the job so they casted me out. Oh well I found a better place to work for that pays more money and respects my abilities so screw you 4refuel you lost a great employee who once cared about working there. 4refuel does not deserve me anyway as I know I am worth more than that cheap, twisted, two faced, good for nothing, dishonest, dirty trash company named 4refuel. For the record learn how to clean your god damn employee washroom it is bloody disgusting!!!

    Posted on 15 November 2018 by Rater #9 | Flag as inappropriate

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