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Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Advertising, PR, Marketing & Related Services

  • I have lots to say :
    Good points:

    - Flexible schedule, you choose your own hours, as you are on an on call basis only pending work availability. This is a big advantage for students or people with other obligations that do not permit fixed hours or a full time schedule.

    -Easy access down town at a walking distance to metro.

    -Spacious call center, day, evening & weekend shifts.

    -Company places importance on quality of work and performance, however, it leaves you more freedom than other market research firms in regards to the introductions, endings, handling of calls, etc.

    -Pay scale increases based on the number of total hours you have worked.

    - Advancement possibilities (mostly supervision).

    Negatives (many)
    In my opinion / allegedly:

    -A company that does not always enforce its own rules (respect between employees; attitude between employee and supervision; attitude with respondents; work quality; employees who are very loud and disturbing during their shifts and/or breaks, when other employees are still completing interviews!

    -There seems to be a lot of camaraderie between some supervisors / staff and interviewers / senior employees, etc... and some people seem to be exempt of rules and allowed to do, say and act as they please without any bit of respect of others.

    -Due to competition that is rising and the epidemic of telemarketing and scams, refusal rates for the market research industry has sky rocketed over the years and rising exponentially, which means it becomes harder to maintain a good ratio of completed to refusals despite the best efforts to convince the respondents, most people don't even want to hear it and hang up on you.

    - Despite the high refusal rate, there is a ratio you have to maintain with other interviewers working the same projects you are. Regardless of whether it is your fault or not, done your best or not, if you are below the average too frequently, you might be warned or fired. Some studies are excessively long and it can be very difficult to convince a company or individual to take 20-25 or more minutes of their precious time to answer surveys. Most people don't believe in surveys or how useful it can be and more and more people are hesitant in sharing their opinions.

    -SOME supervisors / staff, in my opinion, appear to be inexperienced and very unprofessional on my levels. Some employees and staff are very young, some are students still attending high school or college and their conduct during working hours sometimes tend to be loud & disruptive to the interviewers doing their calls! Talking loud, laughing, discussing often non work related topics or their life stories. Some gossiping and talking about some employees seems to occur at supervision level and sometimes in plain view of others without any consideration.

    - Despite some supervisors being friendly & hard working, some are plain rude, hypocritical and outright liars. I am shocked at some of the people that have managed to get hired! This goes equally for supervisors and interviewers. Some people have poor social skills, don't express themselves clearly and are monotone, it's surprising that they were hired in the first place.

    -There seems to be preferential treatment for some interviewers, who think they are above all; some seniors fall into that category as well.

    -The selection process for interviewers who give their availabilities is suspicious, in my opinion. At times employees may be told there is not enough work or no work for those particular dates when allegedly, it may not always be true. There seems to be lack of transparency and poor communication at times between management / supervisors / interviewers.

    -In my opinion, not a friendly environment or at all recommended for people with disabilities, senior citizens or specific race(s). In my opinion, does not subscribe to work / employee equity based on my observations of how some interviewers get treated

    Posted on 9 October 2013 by Rater #5 | Flag as inappropriate

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