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  • DO NOT WORK HERE if you value your mental health! They chastise people who have mental health problems and push them to break so they can fire them. EXTREMELY toxic environment. Once you leave you realize it is not normal office culture. Owners make up and exaggerate situations to create animosity with other staff. They squeeze everything they can out of their employees, if there is down time for a brief moment you get in trouble. When staff have new onset anxiety about going to work the next day, that's a sign! They watch their staff on the security cameras when they are not there to monitor and then call if they feel they are not busy enough. If you were late they would dock your bonus regardless of the reason, but this only applied to the front staff, no one else. At first they seem good and make promises of "perks" but there are none! The constantly hold your (small) bonus over your head and threaten to take it away. The owner belittles staff at the front desk for small mistakes in front of patients. When concerns are brought to their attention it is then turned around and used against you. The gossip that happens there is horrible. The owner talking bad about other staff calling them names behind their backs. Making fun of patients, the list goes on. They put on a good front at first, then you quickly realize what kind of place it is.

    Posted on 21 June 2024 by Rater #3 | Flag as inappropriate

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