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  • I have been with the AESO going on five years. I work in the downtown office with a great bunch of people. I have learned lots since starting and attribute this to the managers and colleagues I work with in both my department and other departments. The benefits are great, there is a great work life balance. The company offers ongoing training for those interested and "What's the buzz" sessions to hear what is going on in other departments open to all employees. The Social Committee does a great job offering fun activities through out the year to get employees together.

    Of all the places I have worked in the past 20 years I feel the most at home here and the least stressed I have been in a long time when I compare working here to that of for profit organizations. There is a huge diversity of highly skilled people working at the AESO from all around the world and I am inspired by the knowledge they bring and share. My job also offers me the opportunity to work collaboratively with market participants and the Alberta Utilities Commission which has also been highly rewarding professionally in building better market relationships and striving to improve market practices which will benefit all Albertans. I am proud to have the privilege to work here.

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