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  • Working at the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) was in plain text "HELL".The employees working at this organization belittle, chastasize and slander each other behind each others back. Most system operators have attained their positions through electrical "field" experience and do not except graduates of a established technical school without first working in the field no matter how enriched their previous experience.The level of unprofessionalism was outstanding. HR turns a blind eye in regards to employee well being. While training within your attained position expect little assistance from your peers, no milestones in which to grade your ability, and little chance at feeling importance within your role at this company. I had high expectations when first being introduced into Aeso but unfortunatly I could not and would never recommend this company to anyone looking for a career as an electric system operator. Look into different companies such as Enmax,Atco, or Altalink In Alberta if this is the type of work you will chose.

    Publié le 19 mars 2009 par Évaluateur #1 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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Also a posting when I searched aeso.
Sounds like a grreat company.........not!

Publié le 11 mai 2009

Thanks for the information. I was going to respond to one of their postings for a system controller but after hearing this comment as well as anothers comment whom still currently works there I will try elswhere.
I hear they just recently went through a CEO change...........in my opinion a change for the worst still yet to come.

Publié le 21 mars 2009

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