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Air Canada


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Tourism, Travel, Passenger transportation

  • I worked for this company for 10 years. After I realised I had 15 left before retirement I left. Once you get top wage you are paid well, but you really do deserve it. Many times I left so badly for how we handled our passengers begging for help (often handing out hotel vouchers with one other person, calling deployment for help because people are waiting for too long, sometimes they would laugh because there was nobody, they were safely upstairs watching on cameras, but a few of them were great)
    Company standard operating procedures and reality are severely disconnected to a point of daily stress.
    I actually really enjoyed the job itself, I am a people person so never really had confrontations with passengers, employees or management. I do say many employees are incredible and kept that place running, some fellow employees were an embarrassment to work next to, same with management. I felt it was best to just help people I came across as much as possible and avoid management.
    I always had hope it would be better like it was but it is just such I political environment and the greater good of the operation is never served and the passengers are just there to experience the fall out.
    I still don't hate them. Some days I loved my job so much, some however I felt uneasy to the core about our actions.
    Knowledge and true attempts for improvement are not valued at all. Only compliance regardless of sense. Communication is the worst in any company I have worked for. You get email updates and news, but not given time to check them during work hours. Most computers block it even so if it is actually quieter or you are on break but can't get to break room in time you can't check it.
    I found hard working honest employees are worked harder and harder and lazy ones left alone, only half the reason being the union which is just another self serving company at this point. Their office is closed during off peak hours which is when perhaps they are needed most.
    Work ethics and assessment only come down to sick time and punch times, there is nothing recorded about how you actually do your job unless a real mistake is made and a letter of discipline is given, I never got one, but it is not always for big mistakes and they are not evenly consistently given out. (same mistake made, some employees given a letter, some are not)
    I wish they could do a week of undercover boss with this company as they put on a show when upper management rolls through.
    I have never heard or seen upper management walk around unannounced to simply see how things really run.
    Maybe it's different in the offices. I can only speak about the airports.
    The benefits are good. I never used them much but appreciate them. Flying passes are a privilege and we're great, it's a lot more expensive now and harder to get on flights but still good. Sometimes it's cheaper to use other airline discounts then your own, but that's not the end of the world.
    I really hope it gets better. Corporate culture would have to change top to bottom. Trust even within management itself would need to be developed, it's just completely disconnected

    Posted on 20 October 2012 by Rater #169 | Flag as inappropriate

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I would say that you are probably one of the few that would admit to all that you have admitted to here in your feedback....my experience with travelling is that I find West Jet Staff far more friendly, service oriented, and deal so much better with stressful situations. Air Canada flight crew have been found rude, arrogant, lazy, bitter, dishonest, and for the most part unhappy in their job functions. I cannot comment on the pilots or the cockpit staff, just on the attendants in the main part of the plane, the desk staff and the ones that greet you as you enter the plane. It's almost as if they resent having to "serve" passengers.

What more can I say? Find other jobs where you don't have to serve....employee owned and managed airlines seemed to have it figured out!

Posted on 2 November 2012

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