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Air Canada


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Tourism, Travel, Passenger transportation

  • If you value your personal health and safety, please stay far away from the ramp/baggage position.
    Management has no clue what they are doing there. Employees often feel like they are at odds with the company, with them assigning you to places you lack clearance for, or understaffing you for jobs that require more than one individual, assigning you work that cannot be safely completed without breaking airport regulations. And questioning or asking for help is met by bully tactics to keep people in line.
    The first thing the union rep said to us during training is to do your time and get out. I should have followed my gut and left right then, but I thought I could tough it out.
    My time ended there with a permanent injury due to mismanagement. I was put working solo on a job requiring more than one person, the leads were off talking with their buddies instead of working, one even gave me attitude when asked for help, eventually time ran out for the flight and in the rush I was injured.
    The icing on the cake? Air Canada will harass you constantly when you are sick or injured.

    This is my warning to you, potential employee. Stay far away, for your sake.

    Posted on 30 November 2020 by Rater #247 | Flag as inappropriate

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