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Air Canada


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Tourism, Travel, Passenger transportation

  • Reading the reviews here, I see that I am not alone in regretting ever working for Air Canada. Sure, I knew that the starting salary was low, but I love to travel, I love interacting with passengers from all over, and I enjoy customer service duties. However, I soon found out that they pretty much throw you on the floor when you've barely finished training. Often, I was left all alone at the customer service desk, with huge lineups of upset passengers. Whenever I would call for assistance, some of the managers were rude and indifferent. One woman even told me, "It's not up to me to do your job!" I saw many passengers waiting for wheelchair assistance that never came. Still, I gave it my all. I was always punctual and helpful, and friendly. One day, I woke up quite ill, so I called in sick. I later provided a doctor's note. Despite my justified absence, the bosses had me meet with a manager. That manger screamed at me, threatened to fire me, and tried to intimidate me. Over one absence, with a medical note. I eventually resigned, and I am still waiting for my final pay. HR constantly gives me the runaround. Please do not apply here without researching Air Canada's history. They're an awful company for employees and passengers. They don't appreciate the good workers. Check the reviews on Indeed, and the countless news articles detailing bullying, harassment, etc. I am glad to be gone from that toxic place.

    Posted on 3 January 2023 by Rater #252 | Flag as inappropriate

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