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  • For some of the employees (either they are part of the family or very close friends it is a good work place as these people are protected) but for the other employees you are always let by yourself at the point that you might live in a burn out by volume you deal with and by missing working tools and staff. The higher management is practically non-existent for employees and they are not involved in anything if that does not bring any profit. It is a lot of lack communication at all levels and it wasn't ever a meeting with the employees to tell them what they have to improve. The employees are just leaving home if you try to explain they did a mistake. There is not any evaluation whatsoever and it is super difficult to work with employees that don't know what they have to do. No one has any work tasks and a lot of employees are hired with no education in their filed because it is cheaper working labor. Whatever a problem would be, we are always told that it will be fixed but it is never fixed. The management strategy is super simple, they go with the flow and only waiting for people to shut up and not complaining anymore. Employees are hired and fired how they feel doing it. In this company you resist if you can to cope with the stress, if you super are resilient to accept their crap or if you are the type of the person that licks other people ass to cover yourself. It is a lot of gossip on all levels, laziness and intimidation. Everybody is trying to wash their hands as soon as they can. The insurances are not super good, if you are smart enough at the interview, you can get them from your first 3 months, but usually it is after 1 year.

    Posted on 16 January 2023 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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