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Bank of Canada

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Bank, Insurance, Financial services

  • If you are looking for work in IT or Cyber do not waste your time, managers are clueless and promote incompetent people, speaking of incompetent their HR department is brutal, however the good news is one of the hr resources is finally retiring that should remove some of the incompetence. Senior Directors are absolutely out of touch with the staff and their managers are even worse, staff is constantly looking outside.

    Posted on 11 September 2021 by Rater #26 | Flag as inappropriate

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New employee with this organization going in two years and wish I had read these comments before I joined as this would have made me think twice before leaving my previous job, I work in IT and I do not believe one person is actually happy or feel secure in their job. The thought of this being a top 100 is laughable even hr is a total waste any complaints are pointless.

Don’t waste your time, look elsewhere management in IT are a bunch of monkeys.

Posted on 10 January 2022

This organization was a great one about 10 years ago, ITS is lead by a bunch of morons, senior managers are just buying time and their staff are simply puppets. Avoid this organization at all costs, IT and Cyber departments specifically, all the good leaders have left and continue to leave or move elsewhere in the organization.

Posted on 24 December 2021

Unfortunately these comments are all true, mangers are totally disconnected from their staff, the worst of the managers all appear to go work in their group called cyber. Recommendation is to avoid and any comments on this that are positive messages are their own management who read and are tying to add a positive tone. Bottom line is it’s bad, it’s gotten worse and it won’t get any better with these managers and if you think you can make a difference you will find out within 2 to 3 years you cannot therefore don’t waste your time, I am also an active employee under a cyber manager she will remain nameless by far the worst manager under even worst senior managers if that’s even possible it is and come over and find out.

Posted on 30 September 2021

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