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BC Ambulance Service

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Health Care, Social Assistance

  • Paid $2/hour for most of the time I'm at work, no guaranteed shifts meaning if I make myself fully available for a month I could get 0 shifts or 30 shifts, no benefits, no sick days, 14 hour night shifts that can easily go 15-16 hours, and because the ambulances in my area got called in to cover a larger city the people in the area I was working in had no effective ambulance coverage making them frustrated with our response times and often asking "what took you so long"?
    Also you have to wait 5 years for the possibility of a full time job and at the point you have to move to Vancouver. For that first 5 years it is possible to make a living if you spend 50-90 hours a week at a station waiting for a call. During that time you have no benefits, no sick days, and for most of your time at work you get $2/hour. The only reason I didn't put 0 in all the ratings is because the lowest rating you can give is 1.

    Posted on 5 March 2017 by Rater #162 | Flag as inappropriate

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