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Bell Canada


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Telecommunications

  • People are really beating up this company which i feel has helped me grow in money,personallity and learned alot of ways of doing business from them. You should be proud to work for bell if not go get another job cause this company doesnt deserve you.

    Posted on 23 July 2008 by Rater #83 | Flag as inappropriate

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If somebody has been laid off 3 times I do not think it's the company but the job pool. Just a side note, this person also should look at themselves?

The current IT shortage forces people to hire in smaller pools. I guess this hurts the company. All I can say it is very hard to find competence and Bell in some departments have this issue.

Posted on 24 September 2008

There's nothing to be proud of. When you go to a party and people ask you who you work for, aren't you embarassed to tell them you work for Bell? I'm sure the answer is yes for 90% of the employees.

Damn straight this company doesn't deserve me.

Posted on 27 July 2008

You said it right the Company doesn't deserve us....the faithful, hard working employees who sacrifice everything for 12 to 30 years only to be laid off 3 times, and have the company still hire from the outside or move employment overseas. You have obviously not been with Bell long enough to remember what a Great compnay it WAS in the past!......and btw......this is not a disgruntled employee...this is a person who was within the Management team who is speaking now!

You will learn soon enough! Good Luck!

Posted on 23 July 2008

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