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  • I notice the negative reviews are from short-term employees and the positive ones from long-term employees. Well, I gave Staples 5 years of my life, and I'm telling you to avoid them. Staples USED to be a great company, but they have fallen hard and fast. I was, no exaggeration, the top-selling extended warranty salesman IN THE COUNTRY for two years. There were managers that were amazing and they were all fired or quit. I was ignored for advancement, openly insulted, and finally accused of not putting in an effort the moment my sales dropped...even though they dropped because I was asked to prioritize training the team over my sales. I got the store to first in the district, and they still treated me unfavorably. I gave it another year, and my stress and anxiety reached a boiling point. One day, I just had to quit for the sake of my own mental health. I returned to the business as a customer recently, and 95% of the staff had been replaced. Their turnover is a joke and they have no interest in employee retention.

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