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Calfrac well services

Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction

  • I'd like to say that i was an employee at one time, and now that i am not, there is some regrett. There has been some very big changes over there, upper mang, and lower field employees, these changes should have been done long ago! but it took these economic times to open Calfracs eyes and get rid of these dirt bags. calfrac is one of the top Service companies in alberta that has really shown how too weather a storm, compared to Bj, Hall, sanjel, etc... They may have cut alot but have also called back alot, and made new employees also, The benifits at Calfrac are better than the rest, social functions are the best for all ,family encluded.If employees have to work they try to make it up to them. As far as negativity there is negativty every where, in the Frac and coil at all companys! So as far as the eye can see and the ear can hear, this company is the onlyone ripping the tread off their tires! Calfrac will be the one too weather oil patch storms and finacial storms, so if you are out there thinking that u are employed with the best Fracturing company in alberta really think again, who's really providing the stability in the work force!!!

    Posted on 29 October 2009 by Rater #2 | Flag as inappropriate

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Team Sanjel!

Posted on 29 September 2014

I worked for Calfrac a few years back and I found them to be an "Old Boys Club". If you were a former Fracmaster employee you were promoted, if you weren't they past you over.
I was a permanent employee and when I got sick they cut me immediately - I had a blood pressure problem and a major reaction to medication on the job. I was NOT looking to go on disability.
People can call me a whiner and the like, but no this is NOT a very good company if you are older and might become sick through no fault of your own.
Experience meant nothing in my case just who you knew and blew.

Posted on 2 March 2011

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