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  • I am a student clerk (1+ years). I've read the previous comments as well as have heard talks from others that work here. I do not know first hand of their experiences so I can only speak of my own experience so far (1+ year now in the province).

    Dedicated, patient, understanding and exemplary leadership is what I have had the luck, and honour to experience first hand. I have been astounded and absolutely inspired by the servant leadership type in my supervisor/manager.

    The supervisor i had did not grew up with top notch typing skills or computer software skills. But I do not believe these are main qualities of Management Skills. What I have seen are patience, listening skills to all complaints, grievances and requests between all the officers, and doing best to create solutions fairly.

    Even then, there's continuous collaboration and partnership in many decisions in regards to operation, leaves, training (physical or long distance), and schedules. Feedbacks are taken into account not only by our supervisor, but also by the officers I work with, to provide better planning, organization and future operation procedures. Our supervisor does all this and more, while doing everyone's schedules, reports, communications on all fronts. Answering 1 email may take 2-10 minutes. Answering 40 a day may take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. I am amazed at the super's time management skills in doing all this plus final accounting and dozens of other types of paperwork without a full time assistant if not several. Thus far he have not complained about the workload, except to provide exmplary leadership with recognition of not only the other officers, but of the work I do in humble ways. I do not know what other management are like at different locations, but this is my own experience.

    Internal circulation of information is very good from my experience. They are often electronic communications when it comes to regional news etc. This comes along with discounted trips and tickets for employees! Our super also briefs us on new things, procedures and other happenings often. Officers also talk with each other as well even between locations with many different methods.

    Whether it is work or family, there seem to be as good a balance as best as any manager could do while maintaining effective operation. I personally see how difficult and complex this is considering that this organization's functions in security, immigration, taxation and emergency functions. With vacations, leaves, sick days, family emergencies, personal appointments and often last minute needs of employees, our super have to ensure sufficient number of officers with the right skillsets, capabilities (including bi-lingual language skills). I think our super have done amazingly well under all these stress and requirements while alieviating those of the officers here and do best to accomodate everyone reasonably, fairly.

    There's a lot of respect between those I work with and I, and our super. Only slight uncertainty in contracts/future long term assignments at times due to a lot of changes going on to modernize the border

    Posted on 30 May 2014 by Rater #5 | Flag as inappropriate

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