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  • I worked for this company briefly and didn't have a great experience.

    The manager I trained under made a ton of mistakes and was all over the place. It was her first office job so it was awkward being taught beneath someone that was disorganized and didn't understand the complete background of certain processes.

    The owners' bring their baby to the office and it made me uncomfortable. At one point the child was running down the hallway.

    There was rampant nepotism and people speaking other languages loudly in the hallways. I found it a noisy environment to work in. It could have been a lot more professional.

    If you have no experience and just got out of school this could be a good job for you. Stay away if you have a lot of education or work experience.

    Publié le 30 janvier 2024 par Évaluateur #1 | Signaler comme inapproprié

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