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CFCP / Chemin de fer Canadien Pacifique


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Transportation (freight), Warehousing

  • I worked for CP Rail for 5 years as a Conductor. The job was a far cry when I started to what it was when I left the company this year (2013). The new management has definitely made the place beyond what any person should have to endure. They make you feel trapped and the use intimidation to get you to do things. Life style is absolutely beyond anything most people would be able to comprehend being on call every waking moment of your life, spending great deals of time away from your loved ones. Anyone considering a career here please do what I am doing and get yourself an education or a trade, don't let the decent wage entice you, I have done the math and the wage vs the time away from home is not even close to worthwhile. I couldn't even give my family a clear answer last Christmas to if I had to work or not. Your life becomes all about inaccurate line ups and unknowns and its exhausting. The union seems to try to represent you but for the most part has become fairly weak and almost seems corrupt with alot of union men wanting to be managers. Enjoyed the work when I started but the hours and lifestyle sure take away from what fun could be had riding a train especially after being awake for 40 hours straight. Moral was absolutely terrible when I left and wages are worse than what guys made even 5 years ago. Stay away from CP Rail Get educated!

    Posted on 8 September 2013 by Rater #207 | Flag as inappropriate

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Since the hedge fund took over run by Bill Ackman, Cp Rail has changed. If you are an employee you might face permanent layoff,if you are a shareholder you might see huge profits. I have been with this company for many years been laid off three times, just got laid off again. I understand that this is a business and the shareholders always come first before the employee, once you understand the game then you can play it. Just remember that the rules of the game only apply to you, and the illusion that it applies to everyone is a myth. I work with some wonderful men and woman at Cp Rail, however if I am called back, I won't be going.

Posted on 16 September 2013

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