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  • Soul-sucking, lack of passion. Forgetting that they need to care for their own employees. Terrible hours, little pay and little benefit.

    I loved the coworkers I had. Unfortunately, I can not say the same about Management and the company itself. I have seen a lot of good employees leave, and know many more will be leaving after myself.

    Supervisor and Manager would take extra smoke breaks. Experienced several cases of ableism and had to out my various conditions just to be heard. Constantly hounded on my personal life and "why" if I needed a sick day during the Pandemic. There was sometimes minor harassment (passive aggressive and hostility) over anyone taking a sick day, and they felt they had entitlement over your scheduled days off and would have a "chat" if you said no "too many times" (even if it was only a couple of times)

    Work flow was not organized, employees including myself would be on cash or receiving for the entire shift. Hardly any switch up or relief. There were good days, but the bad outweighed the good. Breaks weren't scheduled in my store and that was taken advantage of for some staff with their smoke breaks, sometimes waiting 3-3.5 hours into a shift before being able to take your first 15 minute break. Students and staff working a second job would be scheduled outside of their availability, Microaggression and passive aggressive comments were always given towards cer's when stock levels were high or there was an influx of customers.

    Indigo rates employees based on a box system, which doesn't account for disabilities/neurodivergency. Even after hitting targets, covering sick calls, and bending over backwards I was still labelled a low-performer for not wanting to work outside of my job description (and not being paid for it) A lot of jumping through hoops without getting the recognition and positive feedback. cel's would love-bomb you and say how awesome you are, only to gaslight you and tell you why you're a low-performer months later, and would dodge the question when confronting the contradiction. Still unclear how they evaluated in my store. Again, just my experience, but treatment did effect my drive and passion for something I originally adored and step up the ladder with.

    Paid Plum Plus Membership card percentage was way too high. Largely felt that if another employee got more cards/ higher percentage than you, they would get treated better. Even if most customers already were signed up or because they only served 3 customers and got PP 1 card giving them a higher score vs your 100 customers and 2 PP cards. Managers avoided the tills and would do the bare minimum for employees/the team, spent more time in the back room doing "manager work" than being on the floor or communicating with the team.

    Indigo claims to be inclusive, but my pronouns were rarely respected by cel's. I left for a new job recently for higher pay and better work ethics, and the manager called me out (i was a customer and have already quit) in front of customers and ex-coworkers. I regret not reaching out to hr.

    Indigo would send emails and surveys about promoting good mental health and work-life balance, but in reality you could not take advantage of any of this (unless you were a CEL) without being harassed by management. I took 1 mental health day for the years of employment I worked, and my manager wanted to know why, and prodded. It's intimidating to report behaviours when favoritism and connections is part of their culture.

    I enjoy the culture and idea of working in a bookstore; however, my personal experience has me not wanting to recommend it to anyone I know. They need a lot of improvement but I don't think they will take action as a company. Maybe other stores are better organized and take better action. Hoping they improve in the future.

    Posted on 12 September 2022 by Rater #26 | Flag as inappropriate

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I personally have stopped shopping at Indigo books because of how my daughter was treated by this company with respect to having a hidden disability.
Indigo is a retailer, like many, that need to practice what they preach instead of selling false Policys and practicing discrimination techniques on the quiet.

Posted on 13 March 2023

I absolutely agree with all of this. I am currently still an employee but we will see how that changes in the future. Multiple times I have brought up the favouritism, ableism and outright bullying to the store manager only to be gaslit and told that „It’s not my problem how my coworkers are being treated, I should worry about how well I fit in“ (this was after bringing up how I don’t like how my coworkers/customers of colour (and/or neurodivergent) are being treated and expressing that I do not want to work with a racist/ableist manager even if I am not the one being overtly mistreated ( I am white passing and neurodivergent)
I have also don’t my best to be open about my own ND struggles only for them to constantly try to use those struggles as an excuse as to why I am a low performer (I was a high performer before the previously mentioned racist/ableist manager came aboard) when I tell them that it’s literally illegal for them to be using my disability against me they no longer have any feedback.

Posted on 10 February 2023

I agree with this previous employee rating 110%.

Being a worker who has a permanent brain injury that can slow me down both physically and mentally, I have had the privilege of experiencing the discrimination and bias that exists in the workplace. Allowing grid grading systems to evaluate employees' abilities could be deemed a Human Rights Issue that should be looked into if it is being practiced at Indigo

Posted on 25 September 2022

I agree.

Posted on 12 September 2022

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