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  • I work for this company for the winter season ( oct to jan). management was mostly good at my location and communication was a clear as it could have been. some of my managers were nice and really helpful. co workers made this place bearable and they were always there to lend a hand.

    the biggest complaint i have was consistency. some times we were so over staffed there was nothing to do but just stand around. other times really understaffed and a lot of pressure was put on you to do everything. on the understaffed days they try to get the already working staff to stay longer. once asked to stay 2hrs over my 8hr shift.

    pay is really bad for a retail store. there is no commission, so you would think that pay would be higher to compensate. benefits were ok.

    management does play favorites, especially if you have open availability. they will abuse it. i sometimes worked over 30hrs a week, while some other of my co workers who have been working at the company longer got less hours. needless to say i got a lot of stink eye.

    overall this job is easy to do and doesnt require a lot of skills. just clock in, walk around, smile some and clock out. dont ask for more hours from management cause they will abuse it.

    if your looking to make this a long term part-time job, dont. out of the 25+ people they hired for seasonal, they only kept 2. they gave no warning, just stopped scheduling you and ripped you employee card away on the last day. but then again i guess this is what you get for working a big box store

    Posted on 25 February 2013 by Rater #3 | Flag as inappropriate

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