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  • I would not recommend working here at all. Micro managing at its finest. When the majority of employees at my location are all older and do not need the micro managing of a 16 year old. Right down to how to cut paper (I kid you not). The management is of the usual do as I say not as I do. Wear as I tell you not as I dress mentality. The manager in the kids area is demeaning and talks to you (in front of costumers as well) like you are an idiot. Compensation is pathetic. And there is not a single employee at this location that is happy to work there. They all hate it. I won't be staying as I am in school and have no concern with making indigo a career. Thank goodness. Honestly if you want a min wage job go to Tim's or mcdonalds. Both offer way better incentives. And their hiring process is rediculous. I wasn't put through such a rediculous process for any other job interviews including government positions. Maybe they think it weeds out what they don't want but I dont think so. I think it's a big waste of time. Oh and they literally yell at you if you can't make a shift for whatever reason. Or hang up on you. It's just sad. The only perk was the discount if you like their products and the co workers are really nice. Bottom line they like lemmings that kiss good butt.

    Posted on 5 January 2014 by Rater #10 | Flag as inappropriate

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