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  • I worked in the home office 3 years, horrible. Co-workers are terrific but morale, employee engagement are horrible. One's manager doesn't care about their staff they are too busy trying to keep their own! Turn over is way too high. Downsizing is rampant. 17 stores plus in the last two or more years have closed - is it being positioned to sell?

    Posted on 6 August 2014 by Rater #13 | Flag as inappropriate

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I started working in a big box Indigo store in 2007. I absolutely loved my job (Tasker 6am start)! Management was horrible, but my co-workers and my love of books more than made up for it. I left the store in 2010 and moved to Alberta, and after a while I worked at a large volume Chapters store on 2011 until a family emergency brought me back to Ontario in 2013.

I got my old job back right away at the Indigo store. WOW! What a HUGE change in employee morale! Hours are getting cut, but work load has increased, which wouldn't be so bad if we were paid enough. Minimum wage has increased a couple of (and is due to be increased again). When I first worked for the company when minimum wage went up a certain amount our pay went up the same amount. Now it doesn't! So people who have stayed with the company and busted their butts are making barely more than a new employee would. That is NOT how a company should treat their hard working loyal employees.

Posted on 13 May 2015

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