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CN / Chemins de fer nationaux du Canada


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Transportation (freight), Warehousing

  • You can see that there is a huge disconnect between management and the guys on the ground. Cn treats it's employees like crap,
    You will never get a weekend off. in our department there is 1-3 guys that have a full weekend out of 200+ in our area. ( they got 30 years in )
    The pay is the only thing keeping people here and even that is starting to fade. We have got some new hires that have already moved on to other jobs.
    They got cameras in the lunch room and you can't even read the paper , If management really wanted they could change the days off a little.
    but instead they are gonna waste time posting how great things are. If you are in Human Resources and are reading this try to make things better,
    We're human too. Since the americans took over this company, moral has gone downhill they have no respect for employees or unions
    and dont understand the canada labour code not enough employees for workload, safety and maintenance suffers one star rating is not low enough

    Obviously C.N. has it's Managers boosting their image on this site To be clear, CN is a good paying job, not a good job.
    They basicly lie to potential employees in order to lure skilled labour. In their screening sessions,
    they present themselves as one big happy "family" and tell future employees how they were selected because they were the "best of the best,"
    which couldn't be further from the truth. Union/management relations are terrible and they will hire anyone who can spell their own name.
    In the car shop, everyone talks about the top dog like he's the boogeyman. Safety is nothing more than letterhead unless someone actually gets hurt;
    in event of an accident, they do everything in their power to crucify the victim. The equipment is archaic and ergonomics are terrible.
    One of the five core values CN tries to indoctrinate their employees with is "Asset Utilization," which essentially means, as one of their assets,
    you will be utilized until you are no longer of any use to them and then cast aside like any other broken tool. Production through intimidation,
    quantity over quality and profit before people are the only true "values" CN seems to have.

    Posted on 15 August 2012 by Rater #317 | Flag as inappropriate

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Then quit they forget totell you why they all still work here. You will hear excuses all the time im too old or my pension or I have a family. You always have a choice in life to leave and start again. People are lazy and want it all. I.E Quits these guys used to get 1-2 hour quits everyday now that company wnats to make them work 8 hours a day they whine

Posted on 6 September 2012

Probly the truest rating on the page. I agree with everything, the biggest thing for me is the shifts, I'm young just starting out and these Tuesday wensdays off 12-8 shifts are brutal . I understand you have to start somewhere but I'll be on this shift for 5 years then the best ill do is day shift Tuesday wensdaay off, and that's with no holidays including Christmas and new years. Not worth the money if you have a trade , countdown for my departure is on as well I'm afraid.

Posted on 18 August 2012

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