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  • **Introduction:**
    The leadership engages in deceptive recruitment tactics, utilizing outright falsehoods to attract employees. Regrettably, the onboarding process is severely lacking, as the organization places a higher emphasis on billable hours than on comprehensive orientation procedures.

    **Turnover and Organizational Issues:**
    Elevated turnover rates persist due to consistently low employee morale and dissatisfaction. Over the past four years, 56 former employees have left, resulting in an alarming turnover rate of approximately 373%. This high turnover rate underscores significant instability within the organization. The organization is grappling with issues stemming from nepotism, manifesting as the placement of family members and friends in positions of authority without due consideration for merit. Promotions for diversity hires are notably absent, and leadership positions appear to be exclusively reserved for individuals of a specific racial background. Vendors are misled about project scope and costs to maintain billing practices.

    **Staffing Challenges, Project Management, and Leadership Dynamics:**
    Persistent job openings are a direct result of ongoing turnover, with no new positions being created. These vacancies arise due to the departure of former employees or individuals voicing concerns about unethical practices and subsequently facing termination. Incomplete projects are a consequence of assigned resources being off-boarded due to challenges. Projects often witness an over-allocation of resources due to high turnover. Leadership adopts a disparaging tone towards former employees, fostering a toxic and passive-aggressive work environment. Project management within the organization is exclusively focused on billing, with insufficient attention to other critical aspects.

    **Staff Composition:**
    The composition of the workforce raises concerns about potential biases and conflicts of interest within the organization. Notably, three employees hold familial ties, while another three display close affiliations marked by unwavering loyalty to the leadership. Additionally, four employees were sourced from vendors, and another four are recent graduates with limited professional exposure beyond this organization. This staffing dynamic, when considered alongside the prevailing organizational challenges, suggests a need for a comprehensive and unbiased assessment of talent acquisition and retention practices. Ensuring a diverse and merit-based workforce can contribute positively to addressing the broader issues faced by the organization.

    **Conclusion and Recommendation:**
    Considering the outlined challenges, it is strongly advised against considering employment or conducting business with this organization. The leadership consistently disseminates misinformation to both employees and vendors, particularly regarding turnover issues. Additionally, the organization's billing practices raise significant concerns, including misleading vendors about project scope and costs, as well as an exclusive focus on billing in project management. This lack of transparency and ethical billing practices diminishes the organization's credibility and underscores the need for careful consideration before engaging in any professional relationship. Leadership's commitment to transparency is notably lacking, and instances of gaslighting are employed to dismiss concerns raised by employees. The overall work environment, marked by a high turnover rate and a lack of accountability, poses significant risks for both employees and business partners.

    Advice to Management

    Despite previous recommendations to improve leadership and management practices, a notable concern persists as the organizational leadership actively prioritizes their own agenda. This inclination raises ethical apprehensions, as it seemingly disregards the importance of listening to the invaluable perspectives and feedback offered by employees and vendors.

    Posted on 12 February 2024 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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