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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • I have been working for dollarama as a key holder for 2 and a half years now. When I first started my assistant manager was running the place on her own with the help of a manager from another store in amother city. I enjoyed working there at first. Then we got a district manager who treats workers like crap. At one point he brought everyone to the back one by one and yelled at us because our work wasn't getting done. He didn't bring us to the office, or even shut the back room door, he humiliated us. I work for maybe 4.5 hours on the nights that I am scheduled, and am still expected to get a lot done. My store manager has very unrealistic expectations for me, and I am the only keyhole who basically gets picked on for things that don't get done. I get written up if certain things aren't done, even if I truly never had the time to do them. She has never stayed until close on her own to see what it is like. She takes credit for everyone else's work, even if the person who really did the work is standing right there. When we tell our DM what is going n he takes her side. I wouldn't recommend working at any dollarama. They don't care about what is ever wrong with you or anyone else. If you're basically on your death bed I can almost guarantee they'd write you up for calling in. They need better management.

    Posted on 2 January 2017 by Rater #120 | Flag as inappropriate

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