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Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Retail Trade

  • I would highly recommend avoiding working for this business, they don't seem to have any procedures in place to regulate scheduling. This leads to tightly arranged weeks, preferential treatment, mistakes in the scheduling itself, and general issues with hour/shift distribution.
    It's understandable to utilize staff for different shift times, but to do so on a regular basis for only some, especially management staff, is highly cruel and restrictive.

    The company is thriving, which means no chance of stores closing or anything of that sort and lots of chances for promotions, but it really needs to have more oversight to ensure rules and practices are followed correctly.

    Training tends to be fast but doesn't account for subjects like sensitivity and interacting with customers on a per case basis. This can easily lead to a tense work environment and again, could be addressed with proper oversight.

    Also expect a high turnover rate, the expectations placed on staff tend to be very unrealistic and disorganized. Task distribution is highly uneven and certain shifts will be understaffed quite often.

    Posted on 7 May 2024 by Rater #140 | Flag as inappropriate

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