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  • never thought that I’d be writing this about ECS but this place has so many issues it’s just beyond ridiculous and certainly disillusioning. The school I worked at had no training, no orientation and some of the teachers are just lazy, complacent and just don’t try that hard. If a student doesn’t understand something or just decides that they don’t want to do any work, nothing is done about it, the teacher just moves on to the next lesson whether they understood or not. If a student has a meltdown or does something ridiculous like tells a staff member to f-off, again nothing is done about it even if that member took the time to submit an incident report.
    The “leadership” team is a joke; neither of them knew anything about the union processes for hiring and if something wasn’t done in the way they expected you are hauled into the office like a 10 year old who can’t behave themselves and told what you did wrong. Have something to say or want to try to defend yourself, good luck because there is only time in the meeting for the leadership member to tell you what they want and why you were wrong. They also have no problem asking questions like “are you calling this person a liar”, sure if the shoe fits. Micromanagement has no place in any company; especially in schools, it doesn’t work and completely ruins communication, trust and the culture. Support staff are looked down upon and not treated with much respect, I didn't feel valued at all, almost like invisible and disposable which is not a feeling you want to have often at work. HR is a joke and do not take complaints seriously about unprofessional coworkers.

    Some other staff members were awesome, friendly and helpful but others had no business working with kids, short tempered, blame other staff members for something when that person had nothing to do with it, confrontational, argumentative and just plain unpleasant to be around. The kids who need support are not getting the support they need mostly because the “leadership” team keeps breaks the rules and staff is too afraid to report them. Benefits were ok but the pay was way too low for what was expected so definitely never again will I work at that school, super disappointing and troubling. To all the parents who think that their kid is going to get support next school year, good luck because it's not going to happen. Whatever you do, never take a temporary position in any of the schools, they won’t tell you but it does not count towards the ridiculous six month probation period.

    Posted on 25 June 2024 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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