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FedEx / Federal Express Canada ltee


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Transportation (freight), Warehousing

  • Just wanted to let you Canadians know it sucks in the U.S. too. I worked at a Fedex office store in America. We accepted packages and ran alot of print jobs. I think FedEx is a horrible company to work for. They only care about their profit margins and thats the bottom line. They consistently keep their stores under staffed so they don't have to pay as much. If you work in the evenings better be prepared to stay late. You can plan on being stuck there till everything is done for the morning. You also should be prepared to say Yes We Can to anything a customer might want even if you know it is not humanly possible and you don't have the equipment to do it. They also try to put so much pressure on you that you will be incredibly scared to use little if any sick time. This leads to often going to work sick and spreading sickness to customers.
    They also are on a kick of hiring less educated people so they can start them off at lower wages. I think this is very exploitive and cruel. Anyway, I hope this helps some people out there. If anyone had a good experience working with FedEx than good for you! Maybe the company is different in other places but from my research online I highly doubt it. I think the evil empire is bad everywhere.

    Posted on 18 October 2012 by Rater #6 | Flag as inappropriate

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