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Fusion Security

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Security

  • Rate My Employer doesn't allow any employees to rate their employers as, "0 stars out of 5 stars", because Fusion Security Inc. is one of those employers who should be rated as a 0.

    This company claims to care about their employees is a total joke and should be avoided at all cost. Fusion is exactly like any other security companies out there within this industry that doesn't care about their employees.If I can tell to potential Fusion Security Inc. employees, go apply at the majors such as BC Commissionairs, Concord Security, Garda Security, Intercon Security, Paladin Security, or Securiguard. Even though the majors do suck a lot and I also do NOT recommend anyone to waste their lives with the majors, at least with the majors, you can at least have work-life balance to pursue church, schooling, the military reserves, volunteering, medical health issues or take care of your children without having management getting angry with you. This company gets angry at guards who want to pursue work-life balance schedules and do seem to hold it against guards for future opportunites, promotions, or a raise.

    What ever you do, do NOT agree to work as a floater or you'll see yourself really underemployed.

    Another thing that I want to address and will totally agree is that their supervisors are workplace bullies that management seems to ignore and avoid tackling such harassments within the workplace.

    Fusion has this site supervisor who has a military background and seems to follow the military's culture as "you are garbage until proven otherwise" towards the guards and the new guards get it worse. No one is happy at that site. Guards put up with his abuse because guards have bills to pay and are waiting to get hired somewhere else.

    Promotion within the company is unfair. Those who used to work for Intercon Security are favour for promotion and pay raise. Management at head office are made of ex-Intercon Security employees and will always value Intercon's ways until Fusion owners change management's mentality.

    Fusion doesn't invest proper training to guards. The only training that Fusion invest on is send guards on how to write reports and OFA level 1.

    Posted on 11 May 2012 by Rater #13 | Flag as inappropriate

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