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Fusion Security

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Security

  • I honestly do regret working for this company. I was highly recommended by a former shift supervisor of my previous security company. Within 3 weeks of being hired, I wanted to leave and can't get out of this company any faster. I am so unhappy working for this employer.

    Management ignores legitimate complaints and will ignore me altogether when I contact them to discuss work related issues. For the past 1 month in a half, I have been trying to set up a meeting with their security manager and still no word from him. Their scheduling coordinator holds a grudge and will hold it against any guards who turn down work and he expects an explanation which I will NOT discuss personal situations with him as I don't trust him to keep anything confidential.

    The site that I am currently posted at, my site supervisor constantly bullies us with swear words and keeps yelling at us, disciplining us without any concrete evidence of such claims and is considered harassment which I already brought it to management which management chooses to ignore.

    No one from my site applies for any supervisor postings as we all know that management favours those with Intercon Security experience and at the same time, our site supervisor keeps putting us down yelling at us because according to our site supervisor, we don't deserve to receive a pay raise and a promotion from the vice president and claims he will give us a bad review to VP because we are screw ups.

    At the same time, some of the senior guards are workplace bullies who has this mentality to pick on the new guards and view them as dumbass which some of the senior guards' work performance themselves are horrible with customer service, following the policies, can't read directions from memos and emails for access control, lie about their patrols, pretend to be patrolling when in fact they are either sleeping or hiding. I can go on and on, but the point I am trying to say is that work seems to be a toxic place to work at and my site superior is aware of the problems from those with poor performance. But chooses not to do anything about it. He rather risk Fusion's reputation. Than clean up the site and hire guards who do want to work.
    I am not bashing no one but this has been my experience with Fusion for the past 5 months.

    Posted on 14 May 2012 by Rater #14 | Flag as inappropriate

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