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Fusion Security

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Security

  • There needs to be a serious over haul done within this company's managment team (...)!

    Also this company needs to stop playing favourites and STOP promoting their Intercon Security buddies into management!

    Strong, over-qualified, guards with REAL creditionals are automatically placed into night shifts and are expected to stay at night shifts during their employment duration Fusion with no hope of ever getting off night shifts. But you can bet your horses that guards with known poor work performances are given either day or afternoon shifts.

    Promises are made by management are always broken on a daily basis. They promise you one thing
    than they change their minds.

    Being on the floaters' list is a passive-aggressive hint that Fusion wants certain guards out of the company being giving guards hardly any hours where guards have no choice to seek employment somewhere else by force.

    Fusion seems to turn the deaf ears when guards files complaints against their abusive sitee supervisors. If you enjoy being being treated like trash, look no further than Fusion Security.

    Without the guards, Fusion is NOTHING without their guards!

    Please save yourselves the useless stress by avoiding this mismanaged company.

    This company has potential but NOT with current ex-Intercon Security management turned Fusion management!

    Posted on 16 May 2012 by Rater #15 | Flag as inappropriate

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