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Fusion Security

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Security

  • Management should do Fusion a favour by replacing all of their current site supervisors and replacing the current site supervisors with real talented supervisors who can run a successful site and actually know what they are doing.

    I have witnessed my site supervisor several times getting paranoid and swinging his arms around during false fire alarms. For being a site supervisor, he should remain calm and in control of any given situations instead of freaking out and swearing making a big noise.

    When I suggested to my site supervisor that he should teach us on how to become better prepared for any given emergencies, this guy just freaks out and yells at me that I should be reading the manuals on how to handle emergencies because according to him, it is not his job for him to train us and that we should know better. At my previous security employer, my former site supervisors actually taught us and train us on how to handle emergencies.

    From what I gather from other guards, site supervisors in Fusion are company wide problem. I don't recommend this company to anyone until Fusion starts replacing their current site supervisors.

    Posted on 30 June 2012 by Rater #18 | Flag as inappropriate

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Management is not liking rating.

Posted on 9 December 2012

Replace them all, because you worked with every supervisor at every site? Because you had a poor supervisor at your site is not an indication of the entire company.

Again, complain up to higher management if your supervisor isn't doing what you think he should be doing.

Posted on 4 December 2012

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