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Fusion Security

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Security

  • My experience with Fusion wasn't of a positive nature. Even though head office management can less, however I have to post what I have encountered within this company and what made me leave Fusion.

    From the beginning, I was constantly being bullied by the "senior guards" until I caught on how the site really works. They would tell me one thing, than tell another thing to the site supervisor, which to say, unfortunately the site supervisor I had, wasn't the type to investigate complaints-he just disciplines guards without actual proof of any guards broke any violations. This action alone has been brought up to head office management which went to deaf ears.

    For the longest time, the site supervisor would yelled at me along with name calling to things I never did on site. When I worked the front desk, I had 2 "senior guards" on site for some unknown reason, who couldn't open up and search through to read the memos and emails when it comes to giving after hour access to contractors decided to write several complaints against me. According to this 2 bright "senior guards", I was giving unauthorized access to contractors without the client's memos of approval. Surely enough, I was torn to pieces verbally. Having enough of the unjustified disciplines from the site supervisor, I started to yell back at him and had to show him the emails and memos that I had authorization to provide after hour access to the contractors to shut him up.

    Another thing, the site supervisor didn't bother to provide any training nor any inputs except to brag how knowledgeable he is, how many guards who worked under him became cops, and to yell at the guards. This site supervisor's poor excuse when suggested he should provide a full site training for bomb emergencies, while yelling at me, told me to the read the manual on how to handle bomb emergencies written up by the vice president of Fusion and to practice it on my own because it's not his job to babysit the guards.. The funny part is that, BC Commissionairs, Concord, Intercon, Paladin, Securiguard, and Securitas management all provide emergency training to their guards. Heck, guards can request it and their employers will provide it. So I am really confused to why the site supervisor I had refused to properly train his guards.

    Another thing that I didn't find acceptable within this company is that I made the same wages as guards with known history of sleeping on the job and known history of performing little or no work at all even though I have the experience and the credentials in security. Heck, I worked with one guard who never did any work except to run his mouth and hang out at Starbucks made more than I did.

    Overall, I left Fusion because of the site supervisor. I just had enough of his bullying and the lack of leadership on site from him.

    Posted on 11 September 2012 by Rater #20 | Flag as inappropriate

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@Comment 1 your comment is a laugh and you have nothing to back it up. It's obvious you're from head office and maybe you're that scheduling coordinator who replaced the old scheduling coordinator this year by the tone of your comment.

Issues were addressed to "upper management" both in written and verbal including the online survey. I wasn't the only one and there are others who brought concerns to "upper management" including the bullying from supervisor.

The industry does not work on what is negotiated as security companies has the upper hand on the wages they think guards deserve which is usually low. I found out that I made the same exact wages of guards with no real proven security experience and guards who has difficulties communicating the English language while working for Fusion. Why is that?

I disagree with your statement," As for the training - standing orders exist for this reason. What did you want - a full day paid pretending to be dealing with a bomb? If you didn't get emergency response training in your site training, again, address it up the chain." Prior joining Fusion, the previous security employer that I worked for, I received training on how to handle bombs and other emergencies by the site supervisor on shift as he felt it was important to have a well oiled crew. And when I left Fusion for the competition, the first week that I started my current security employer, my site manager and along with my site supervisor, took the time out of their busy schedules to properly train me of the site and prepared me on their emergency proceedures which including bomb threats all were done when I was on shift.

A real supervisor will ensure his site runs smoothly and will set examples for his guards to follow. The site supervisor that I had at Fusion, just ran his mouths and verbally abuse guards on site. This issue along with so many issues were brought to head office including to the security manager whom I had face to face talk with.

Don't ever say that I didn't tried to solve any problems when I tried. I left because I had enough. I am working for another security company who values my industry knowledge with my proven track records as I am making more with them.

I am in for the long haul in this industy as I aspire to get into a management role while I am taking part time schooling. Once I have enough merrit, I'll join ASIS and see you there.

Posted on 9 December 2012

Comment 2, you seem to be one of head office's crew. Go fix the problems with mobile and at sites. Be thankful that people are addressing problems that you guys ignore.

Posted on 9 December 2012

Did you ever try going above your supervisor to complain? Upper management can't address a problem they don't know about...
As for the training - standing orders exist for this reason. What did you want - a full day paid pretending to be dealing with a bomb? If you didn't get emergency response training in your site training, again, address it up the chain.
Your complaint about wages is a laugh - the entire industry works on what you can negotiate, not what you find out later other people are making after you've agreed to a number.

I empathize with having a bad supervisor, I've been there myself - but it sounds like you didn't do anything to try and solve the problem.

Posted on 4 December 2012

My supervisor is also a bully. You hit the spot when you say management can care less. Once I can find another job I am out of Fusion for good!

Posted on 11 September 2012

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