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  • I suppose how good or bad your work life is depends on which job site you are at or which manager or supervisor you have. My work site had too much work, not enough time, and the building layout was confusing and weird. It was poorly designed like a lab rat maze. My first pay was supposed to be direct deposited 7 days after the payroll cutoffs of the 15th and 30th/31st of each month. I listened in on a supervisor phone conversation about missing pay that was forgotten and not sent into the payroll people. Doing at least 4 hours of work in given 3 hours is not acceptable. I heard from the building security guards about 22 cleaners rotating in and out of the job as nobody seemed to stay.

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I worked for GDI Vancouver Island branch and some person or persons messed up my direct deposit payroll setup. I haven't been paid in 1.5 months and I am still waiting for my printed cheque that is suppose to be in the mail. I looked for another job and filed a government labour standards complaint. I will cancel complaint when my money shows up.

Publié le 27 février 2020

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