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  • Would never in a 100 years make Canada's Top 50 Employers. It's on the Top of Canada's Worst list.

    Posted on 13 April 2014 by Rater #3 | Flag as inappropriate

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Stay out of GFL.

Posted on 19 October 2014

GFL has many issues.

Posted on 11 October 2014

I currently work for GFL. Honestly I can say this after years of service for my employer that they are the WORST company that I have EVER worked for and we as employees put in extremely long days for wages that are so far below industry standards. People come and go like crazy at GFL because they have NO RESPECT for us workers. The drivers loaders make $18.10/hr and the loaders earn $13.75/hr. Believe me you will work for that low pay and be treated like crap. Management is always changing. There are memos on a monthly basis that are posted that state that so and so is no longer employed by GFL and that they wish them all the best in the future. People who work at GFL are stressed to the maximum and therefore go on stress leave. I don't blame them for taking a leave. To get up every morning and be a part of a low class operation takes a lot cause every morning I contemplate taking the day off. Also a BIG THUMBS DOWN for the membership are the jobs that we were told at a meeting that would be available to the membership for advancement NEVER came through and the company undermined those jobs by outsourcing on us. They only LIED to us to keep us around and then pull a fast one thinking that we are that stupid. The CEO and PRESIDENT of GFL considers us as UNSKILLED LABOURERS during wage negotiations. That was nice to hear from our LEADER. I have NEVER worked for a company where the turnover of employees is incredible. The CEO PRERSIDENT owns a Lamborghini because he STEALS from us by paying us pathetic wages especially in the 21 century and for this I have NO RESPECT towards him. GFL is VERY GOOD at sweeping serious matter under the carpet when it comes to us workers and our supervisors don't even acknowledge us and simply give us a POKER FACE. We have SAFETY MEETINGS on a WEEKLY basis because the CVOR is in terrible condition as are the number of employees who have been hurt on the job simply because employees of GFL are DRIVEN INTO THE GROUND.
GFL at these meeting talk about being WORLD CLASS but in REALITY this will NEVER EVER happen. World class is 2 and we are at 42 when it comes to workers injured on the job. That is GFL's doing for driving the workforce to the limit. To those people who think about working for GFL don't waste your time. If you want to be treated like crap and have no life then come to GFL and they will provide that to you. If you think I'm lying about all this then you will surely find out on your own. The worst employer I have EVER worked for. Basically a nightmare operation that won't be around long. If your looking for a job then don't come here. Keep looking because this is as low as you can go. I have yet to read a positive feedback about GFL. To us here GFL stands for "GOOD F-ING LUCK".

Posted on 4 October 2014

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