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Gregg Distributors


Size of company: Large (More than 500 employees)

Industry: Motor Vehicules (sales, parts, services)

  • This is a very hard Company to work for its very busy, the amount and variety of products are off the charts. theres a lot of bad stuff said about working here but the truth of it is. its not a place for kids or kid games. this company prides itself on quality and speed. So theres no time for games. Rules yup theres a lot of them. are most of them Common sence yup! theres a lot of ground to cover and a lot of people covering them. if the rules are not followed by some quickly things will snowball and that quality customers expect goes downhill in a hurry. the structure that keeps the business growing strong will start to slowly crumble, leaving the company no better then others losing money.

    Posted on 21 April 2010 by Rater #44 | Flag as inappropriate

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Well the branch I worked at was staffed by a lot of punk kids and was ALL about the kid games. He said / she said gossip, cliques, and a high school mentality. And the so called "adult" managers and employees more often then not join in on it.

I found Greggs to be a completely toxic work environment. If it weren't for all the drama and BS, Gregg's might have been a great place for me to work at. But sadly it didn't turn out that way, I'm so glad I'm out of there.

Posted on 30 May 2010

If it is not a place for kids or kids games then why do they treat you like a child? And if there are no time for games then why is there so much time wasted in school. (...) we could spend more than the last 15 minutes speeding through the product knowledge portion.

Posted on 8 May 2010

The problem is not the rules, its how they are enforced, the managment in this place has major controll issues. I was told work hard and go home, family first, just wasnt told it was his family first.
I was in sales, the turnover in sales is crazy, 12 in 2 1/2 years!!
I don't know what it is like on the counter, or warehouse, but in sales it is take take take, I can prove it so you can't tell me I am wrong.

Posted on 21 April 2010

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