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griffin canada

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Metal, Metallic, Mineral Products

  • This company doesn't care one bit about it's employees. They tell you a bunch of lies in the interview about pensions and benefits that are almost non-existent or useless to you only good one is dental. The office staff are terrible. Hourly staff for the most part are some great people but there are a few very rotten apples in the barrel. Health and safety on the job are among the lowest of priorities to management, really the only thing that falls lower on their list of concerns is quality of life and well being of employees. Plant conditions are terrible year round but the heat in the summer can be physically dangerous. Really all I can say is that it is a terrible place to work you would be better off not even reading all of the other comments and just forget you ever heard of it to begin with. Anyone who told you it was good didn't know what they were talking about or they want to see you miserable and overworked for less pay than you deserve.

    Posted on 10 December 2011 by Rater #28 | Flag as inappropriate

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80 k a year cause you are there 12 hour days and also sat and sun so you have the money but no life

Posted on 27 December 2011

Some jobs like the hot and cld crane take more training, and pay significantly more than other jobs. How long did it take you to learn gaskets or to clean a mold? We are obviously not talking about all jobs. Even with that, outside of skilled trades - all the jobs require no previous experience. It's hard to make $80K or more a year without a degree, but you can a Griffin.

Posted on 26 December 2011

if you think you can learn all these jobs in 1 day your an accident waiting to happen. you must have come from mc donalds. i would not want to work around anyone operating the hot crane that only had 1 day of training. know what your talking about before you comment. you sound like an ignorant fool.

Posted on 25 December 2011

Grab a brain, there is not a foundry worker on earth that does not have to battle heat and dust! How did you think this shit was made? Most jobs that require only one day to train only pay minimum wage and no benefits. This is the only place that i have ever worked where the company paid for all the benefits and the pension. We would all like the company to do more to improve working conditions, but it's never going to be like working in a library.

Posted on 16 December 2011

the rotten apples seem to be running the union. not all of them but enough to make the union ineffective. push these guys to do a better job or kick them out. new employees make 5.00 an hour less than old employees for doing the same job. that is not fair, that is the griffin way.

Posted on 14 December 2011

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