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griffin canada

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Metal, Metallic, Mineral Products

  • it`s a sad place to work especially when you try to do your job and work safely and management just won`t listen to safety issues it`s wheels first everything else second,the forced overtime is just pathetic you cannot plan anything in your life, after the last contract the pension for new employees is $20.00 a month time years of service so 30 years gives you 600.00 a month for working in this shithole, how can you have guys care about anything when they get treated the way they are treated, like one other review said run these pricks out of town on a rail LOL

    Posted on 29 January 2012 by Rater #35 | Flag as inappropriate

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Average Chinese worker makes $1.50 per hour. Ever wonder why everything we buy comes from China?

Posted on 20 April 2012

Well said commenter #6. You just hit management hard on the head with that one. To bad they haven't a clue to what you mean, specially with the "shit for brains" attitude they are told to have. Where else could they make that kind of money doing F**k all? Matter a fact "what else could they do"?

Posted on 2 April 2012

Anyone that would defend griffin must be a parasitic management person who makes big bonuses off the slaves. Give us a break. Griffin treats its employees like slaves to make more profit not to just remain competitive. Hire more people to take the pressure off of your employees. They work too many hours in HORRIBLE conditions. They don`t sit on their ass in a cushy office. I`d like to put YOU on the spray booths in july for a few 12 hour shifts on 4-12. then force you to do a furnace reline on the weekend. Then monday back to the spray booth for another week with a few more FORCED 12 hr. shifts. Oh by the way your forced to put wheels on this weekend. Any one who defends this is a HUGE ASSHOLE. That would be griffin management or their brainless idiots. To whom it may concern, FORCE your head out of your ASS and hire some more employees. not management either, they are unproductive and overpaid. Do something about the horribly polluted air.

Posted on 2 April 2012

I don't need to think, I have your attention....Obviously you cannot comprehend the free advise I have written for you, it's all there. You just need to put the objective to practise.

Why are you trying to control the situation with basic fundamentals such as "language" "views" "education"? It doesn't work with me. You have the talk, but not the walk. For all your so-called "business savey", PROVE to the workers at Griffin that you can make a difference, make them happy to come to work. Instead of the strong arm tactics used to save your useless ass from being terminated. I doubt in my mind that you have any other skills to proceed else where, except on your knees to your superiors.

Another statement you made I cannot understand, "how does somebody read porn"? I guess all that smoke went from your ass straight up to your brain, better put a filter in it. Write back when improvements have been made there, otherwise your wasting my time, and effort. Also , get a life........sorry, I forgot, you work at Griffin.

Posted on 17 February 2012

It looks like I have you thinking now..........perfect. I will even give you credit for throwing in that happy employees do better.
You still need to work on the "balance" part and clean up your language if you want rational people to listen to you.
You can have a workplace that is 100% safe if no one walks through the front door. You can make a perfect wheel every time if you slow things down and add people. Problem is, that the wheel is too expensive, no one buys it, and we stop running the plant. You really don't no much about business, you don't understand the fundaments of what caused the the US economy to slump. Try reading something other than porn to gather your facts and you might actually enlighten someone in a positive way some day. I could try to educate you a bit, but you can't get past looking at the small picture.

Posted on 16 February 2012

Woooowwwwwwww you sure are knowledgeable in the business aspect. But, you really missed the point on this one due to all that smoke blown up your ass from your colleges with the same mentality (none). That is why YOU don't have a business of your own. Thank heavens.

I'll give you a litle advise for free.

"With a happy employee you will get" production, quality, safety, and profitabilty. That is the balance of equal partnership in the work force. Hopefully this is not to complex for you to understand? Compared to the propaganda you state within your comment. Yet you think suppression and brow beating does it, as the American assholes do. That is why they are in the state of never ending depression. Wake up or back to the smoking room for another refill.

Posted on 16 February 2012

Actually, it's all about production, quality, safety, and profitabilty. All equal partners, balance is the key. Commenter 1 knows nothing about running a business. If you need advice on spewing unintelligent, thoughtless comments he is your man (child)

Posted on 15 February 2012

its always been about production and safety only when they get caught and fined.and just look at how they screw there employees anyone that is new works for 4 or 5 bucks an hour less than the other guys doing exactly the same job and much less than half the pension.tell me you have a good company you cum swallowing prick.

Posted on 2 February 2012

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