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griffin canada

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Metal, Metallic, Mineral Products

  • the worst place ever, management does not give a shit about the people that work there that`s why i quit and got a job at 7 eleven putting sticks in the corn dogs, i got tired of getting wieners stuck in me at that shithole, they don`t care about anything but wheels even when a retired employee dies this shitcan can`t even put the flags at half mast or even put a notice to let people know just terrible, stay away from these liars and abusers

    Posted on 4 March 2012 by Rater #36 | Flag as inappropriate

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if this site is a joke welcome to the club idiot

Posted on 26 April 2012

I'm sure 7 eleven will put up a flag pole and drop the flag to half mast when you pass on. This site is a joke. If you don't like working somewhere, move on. It is just that simple, unless of course you like bitching and moaning all the time.

Posted on 20 April 2012

Nothing could be more true, well said. I'm sure there will be somebody to go against what you have written, but there always has to be a cinic that wants to put there 2 cents in, and yet expect change.

Posted on 4 March 2012

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