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home depot canada

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Call Centers, Customer Service

  • I have become very disappointed in this company more each day - specifically the Kanata location. They only hire people as a contractor for 120 days so it's easier to get rid of you when their sales start to slump rather than offer you part time work with some benefits.
    Their full time employees spend 98% of their time complaining about pretty much everything related to their job; pity that they don't realize there are those that would give a part of their anatomy just to have a full time job with a steady income.
    Their HR does not do enough to deal with bad employees that are lazy, rude, inconsiderate, or who should be written up for inappropriate behaviour in the workplace, and instead allow it to continue.
    In addition, you cannot approach HR with anything concerning or private about a co-worker or Manager as the information ends up being provided to the person involved.
    They talk a lot of talk about values, safety, recycling, team environment etc, but fail to follow through with the bulk of everything.
    The Management at the Kanata location needs to pull their heads out of the sand, realize that their contract and part time employees that want the full time jobs should be made offers once they clear out the disgruntled workers they already have.
    The environment is volatile thanks to those that cannot appreciate having a job in this economy, and until something is done, this location will continue to suffer poor sales and employees with bad attitudes.
    Do not apply here unless you are desperate for a job that will only last for 4 months provided you can put up with all the whining from the employees who get 40 hours a week and free benefits without losing your cool and snapping at them.

    Posted on 12 August 2013 by Rater #18 | Flag as inappropriate

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