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Taille de l'entreprise : Petite (1 - 49 employés)

Industrie : Commerce électronique, Multimédia

  • For perspective, should be mentioned that Implix itself is a Polish company with a customer service office in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Due to the nature of the Halifax office there is no possibility of advancement.

    The largest problem with Implix is the large rift between the ideals set out by the company as a whole and the attitude of the Halifax management. Implix as a whole is a very fair company with great communication and fair compensation for the work done. Implix certainly offers adequate health benefits as well. The company also has a very sensible company culture and tries to make working for the company an enjoyable experience as a whole with several recognition days throughout the year for various departments. Communication with the home office is incredible considering that there is a large distance and time zone difference between there and the Halifax office.

    The problems with the company start when you look at the Halifax office itself. The local management certainly does not carry on this attitude of approachability. At times the local management has an attitude of infallibility and does not support open communication. Many times, questions can be met with an attitude of "because I said so". Many policies, standards and privileges that are handled by the local Halifax management are subject to change frequently and without notice with any question regarding these changes being met with hostility.

    The unfortunate reality is that the excellent company culture developed by the home office is very poorly executed and at time completely ignored by the Halifax management.

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