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InstaClick Inc


Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: IT: Software

  • When I first was hired at Instaclick, I truly had no idea what to expect from the overall experience. I had worked at web design and development companies and firms before in the past. However, I was never able to gain the type of valuable experiences that Instaclick provided me within the first month of employment in any other job that I have had in the past. Until you have been able to experience it for yourself firsthand, simple words and phrases in this review do not provide this opportunity the justice that it deserves.
    One of the biggest selling points that attracted me to working at Instaclick in the first place was the pay. As a newlywed with a baby on the way at the time, securing a job with at least moderate pay was of the utmost importance to me. I was able to get even more than what I expected, though, from Instaclick. The advancement opportunities that are created within the Instaclick team are seemingly endless, especially since they focus on promoting from within as a first priority. Working at Instaclick will also make it much easier for you to build your talents and overall skill set as a web designer. Regardless of the position you are hired to fill in this company, you are going to receive the best on-the-job training that you can imagines simply by being listed on the payroll.
    I remember one of my first big web design projects. As I normally do more than I’d like to admit, I bit off way more than I could chew. However, in order to meet deadline, my team pulled together and collaborated with me to relieve my burden and teach me a lot along the way.
    As I mentioned, my family has always been a top priority to me since the day I got married. Working in a highly stressful work environment can be both physically and mentally demanding for a family man, especially if they do not allow you to properly balance your personal and professional lives at the same time. Instaclick is not like that at all. This company has been able to prove that they are family-oriented by allowing you to work flexible schedules and communicate effectively with upper management about the fluctuating needs of your changes.
    Thanks to my work at Instaclick, I have been able to financially support my growing family as well as have the flexible accommodations made in my schedule to be present for the birth of each of my children. Words cannot express how much I appreciate everything that Instaclick did for me when I worked for them, but I truly do hope that each of their present and future employees do not take such a solid opportunity for granted.

    Posted on 4 April 2014 by Rater #28 | Flag as inappropriate

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