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InstaClick Inc


Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: IT: Software

  • I’ve always said that the basis of any working relationship has to be respect. How can an employee do anything if they don’t respect the people giving them projects? And if the manager does not respect an employee, why are they even handing over assignments? If a company is going to pull together to deliver good work to the client there has to be a lot of respect in the inner workings. I came to Instaclick from a company whose culture could best be described as “paranoid.”There was no trust, and everything was suffering for it. I left for Instaclick because their projects were innovative and interesting, and I wanted the opportunity to do work of that caliber. I didn’t realize until I got to Instaclick how toxic my last environment had been.

    When your project group and your boss both respect you as a professional, it opens up your world. When you can look at every designer on your team and think of things you want to learn from them, areas of expertise where you can trust their professional judgment to a fault, then you’re in a great place to be. Instaclick’s teams were fluid, and I ended up working with many people over my time there. There wasn’t any dead weight; people knew what they were good at and respected that other people had different strengths, but there were still no one-trick ponies in the bunch. Each project had a team of people who were competent and capable at every part and took their best efforts in their best areas to get the kind of design that kept the clients coming back.

    Instaclick was an amazing place to stay, but I was offered a promotion and raise at the company that I’m with now, so after a bit of thought I had to take it. I’m not going to forget the very professionally satisfying time I spent there, and I’m frankly going to steal their management style to get the best out of my teams here! Thanks, Instaclick.

    Posted on 6 April 2014 by Rater #30 | Flag as inappropriate

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