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Intelex Technologies Inc.

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: IT: Software

  • I've been here for around six months and have to say the comments on this site are NO WHERE CLOSE to reality in this company. Yes, some days can be stressful, but what can you expect from a company that is growing as fast as Intelex. Since I've been here there have probably been 60 or so new employees hired and I can only think of two or three who have left, and I'm pretty sure all of those were let go. Personally I appreciate the fact that the people who work here are held to a higher standard and that those who do not make a meaningful impact don't last.

    Seriously all of these postings are nuts and clearly by some disgruntled former employees who have a major chip on their shoulder. They give a review of 1 star for benefits? Today alone we have two full time massage therapy people giving 30 minutes private massages to employees. All the while a dog walks around because its dog Mondays. And we have a private boat cruise on Saturday night where all staff get to bring guests to a night of dancing and open bar. Oh, and last Friday was a 'patio party' where the company brought free food, 3 kegs of beer and kareoke for people to hang out in the office after work. Oh, and Thursday is our weekly breakfast Thursday, and Friday afternoon is monthly birthday cakes and employee announcements get together. And this is just this week... I can go on at length about all the other tons of benefits and activities management put on to appreciate employees.

    All these negative reviews... Really? One star? You disgruntled ex-employees can't seriously think you're providing an 'unbias' truthful review.

    Posted on 9 July 2012 by Rater #22 | Flag as inappropriate

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With all the negative reviews these freaks obviously have serious problems.

Posted on 9 July 2012

More obvious B.S. from a management stooge.

Posted on 9 July 2012

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