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  • After working for this company for many years, I can honestly say that they do care about their staff and do make every attempt to meet your needs and help you excel. The company has gone above and beyond for me and many others who have been loyal to them. Every Security company has its bad seeds and problems and Intelligarde is not any different. There are just as many issues as there would be with any organization that has 500+ employees. The difference is that here they don't treat you like a number. You need to speak to a manager, you get a manager, you need to speak with a CEO, you get to talk to the CEO. Not every suggestion will get a green light, but that's because its a business and business has to do what it needs to to move forward and thrive. I can honestly say I'm proud to work here and proud of my growth within the company over the past 6 years. I've seen many good people come and go as they obtain great experience and move onto various Police services, CBSA or elsewhere to follow their passions. This company is now EMPLOYEE OWNED and that carries weight and significance and the people that wear the Intelligarde uniform should be proud of it and what it stands for and they should be proud to be an owner and have input into the growth and then benefit from that growth.
    Reasons you should NOT apply to work for Intelligarde: you do not want to work, you do not want to start at the bottom and earn your way to promotions, you do not want to be part of a company that has lead the way in enforcement support, you do not want to work for clients who know that they need you and want you to be better.
    Reasons why you SHOULD apply: You feel you are the best in your field, you have skills and drive and desire to work hard and earn promotions and pay raises and opportunities as they arise. You are smart, dedicated, honest, reliable and want to work with like minded people in situations where you need to rely on each other.

    Intelligarde is what you make it.... just like CBSA, OPP, McDonalds, your newspaper route as a kid and your first retail job.... You are in control of your future, come to work, work hard, be an active partner in the growth and success of your site and you will do well. If that's not you then DO NOT APPLY because I don't want to work with you!

    Posted on 6 April 2016 by Rater #5 | Flag as inappropriate

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