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  • Intelligarde is a company I joined about 1 ½ years ago. I was without work for good six months and was in financial stress. Thanks to Intelligarde that it helped me in greater difficulty.
    It is not easy to earn a livelihood by working as a guard. One of the inherent traits in this line is lack of respect and people use security as an escape goat. Providing a friendly work culture also becomes difficult and Intelligarde somewhat has succeeded among its peers.
    Lots of security companies are notorious for paying less than the actual pay and during my 1 ½ years stay I never came across of such an instance.
    Intelligarde is renowned of operating in risky and difficult sites and managing them well. I could easily say that because there is less news of discontinued business.
    Now speaking from a guards’ outlook. The sites are dangerous and risky with lots of load of work to do. The scheduling and dispatch shows lot of empathy while dealing with the difficult situations that guards come across all the time.
    Security is a low lying job with no empowerment and like other companies, Intelligarde strives hard to overcome this inherent risk without much success.
    Last said but not the least is growth in ones career. Security I believe can’t be classified as a career job and people joining and staying in this line must forget that there is anything like career except when one would like to join the police force or any other similar occupation very few does exceed.
    By analyzing the arguments set forth I could easily say that joining Intelligarde is a far better choice.

    Posted on 7 April 2016 by Rater #6 | Flag as inappropriate

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