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  • not a good place to work. management is a nightmare, rude, demanding, disorganized, messy and un-communicative. husband and wife run the cafe, it isn't clear who's in charge and there is constant scolding by one of them when you do a task asked by the other, upon management realizing their mistake and apologizing they double down on the anger over "your" mistake. employees are made to use unsafe, unsanitary and broken equipment and are blamed for the provided equipment performance. no food safe rules are followed, rotten food is served to customers, the tea machines are laden with mold witch you cannot clean because you are to precisely follow instruction so much so that basic hygiene isn't regarded. all the dim sum served is frozen and they tout it as fresh, charging upwards of 40 dollars a meal for frozen stuff you can buy at a grocery store. overall its the grossest most unprofessional place i've ever worked. there is 0 structure or consistency with anything, hours, tasks, food, expectations ect constantly change with no notice to employees leaving you to scramble and figure out new operating procedures. they either need to get a proper manager hired instead of two owners half handedly running it or just close. they've only been open less than a year and when the health inspector comes in i Know they will be in a world of trouble, not a single foodsafe rule is followed. shame on you dong su and jia for serving unsafe food to the public and for mistreating your employees

    Posted on 28 February 2023 by Rater #1 | Flag as inappropriate

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