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London Convention Centre

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Food, Beverage, Tobacco

  • Been here a little over a year, and I can safely say this job sucks.

    The pay is decent, well above average for this craptastic city, but you don't get many hours. At least not nearly enough to live on. So I'm having to juggle this and my other job at a local bar.

    There's an 'old boys' club. Unless you're part of it and friends with the right people, you're not going to get squat for hours.

    The WORST part of this job, and where much of my anger comes from is the bullshit with people talking behind other people's backs. Some of the things I've heard, well I won't repeat them here. It's like being in grade 8 all over again to sum it up.

    I strongly suspect the last two reviews are shills from the office that have no clue just how it is for us frontline staff. In my experiences with them, they've all been positive. But my co-workers and those directly above me, no comment.

    I don't recommend working here.

    Posted on 1 February 2012 by Rater #3 | Flag as inappropriate

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*Some of my co-workers. I should add that some, not all of my co-workers are douchebags.

Posted on 1 February 2012

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