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  • The workplace where ethics and morals go to die.

    Management watching assaults on security camara in the communication centre regularly laugh, cheer, clap and place bets on who will win the fight rather than dispatch security to protect vulnerable tenants.

    Call takers act like rude burned out prison guards with no patience or interest in tenants, who are looked down on as sub human for having physical or mental disabilities without winning the parent lottery to support them.

    Anything unpleasant, worthless or disgusting is referred to as "gay" by uneducated, violently heteronormative and immature security staff who rotate "dating" the same female tenants that they meet on the job (when not harassing female coworkers).

    Conservative Christian ultra-right wing values directed from management dictate that young female tenants be "helped" first, followed by families (procreators) = regardless of call order or severity.

    If you have any interest or empathy in helping and protecting less fortunate and vulnerable populations, steer clear of this sewer = they're only in it for their own egos, paychecks and careers.

    Posted on 7 January 2023 by Rater #4 | Flag as inappropriate

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