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NO FRILLS #3461 Bergen's

Size of company: Medium (50 - 499 employees)

Industry: Food, Beverage, Tobacco

  • This review follows the detailed rating on the left column. Trying to be as objective as possible.

    Business model: Owners are obviously good at making money and keeping a store looking good. No question about that.

    Management Skills: Lacking in respect to presence on the floor and connection to employee dynamics between co-workers and superiors. Lack of responsibility for employees actions and words (including full timers)

    Values: Due to lack of responsibility of employees and floor presence, seemingly lack of respect

    Communication: Little to no communication to part time employees.

    Feedback/Recognition: You know if you have done a bad job, but don't know if you've none a good job. "No news is good news" applies here.

    Pride: Meh...it's a job.

    Engagement: Lacking due to lack of presence and poor treatment from department managers (who employer is responsible for).

    Work Space: Good enough when not busy

    Atmosphere: Poor. Seems as if no one is happy with their job except employer.

    Recruitment: Poor. Employer does not seem to have any involvement in the recruitment of employees. No responsibility taken for useless/lazy employees.

    Tasks: The same tasks everyday.

    Teamwork: Great teamwork between almost all part time employees and some full timers, but lacking with most full time employees.

    Organization: Usually pretty good

    Compensation: Set by union and not employer to my knowledge. No comment, not relevant.

    Schedule: Unreliable. Hours between employees differs extremely.

    Stress: Depending on time of year and sales. Dollar sales are high stress.

    Work/family life balance: None. As comment stated earlier (assuming comment by owner or department manager due to way it is worded) they are there to run a business, not be a friend. Can lead to disconnect between employee and employees.

    Advancement: None.

    Recommendable: Recommend to students who only work weekends and nights, but not for people who are available 24/7

    General opinion (subjective): Employer needs to take more responsibility on how the department managers treat their employees. Some full timers are lazy and/or disrespectful which negatively impacts the work ability/desire of the employees. Employer is friendly when is on floor, enjoyable to work with for the most part. Biggest complaint is department managers.

    Posted on 22 December 2013 by Rater #12 | Flag as inappropriate

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